How much does a golf cart weigh – *Average Weight – Dimensions*

how much does a golf cart weigh *golfcarts* :

The common question is : how much does a golf cart weigh? We will find a smart answer. The weight of a golf cart relies upon on several elements. Main elements that impact the weigh of a fundamental *golf cart are the electric engine and fuel engine. Electric powered golf carts have two weights, particularly dry weight that is without the battery and cut down weight which includes the battery.

Have you ever puzzled how a great deal a golf cart honestly weighs?

The burden of a golf cart can play an vital role on your decision making in choosing your cart of the future.

Regularly instances we discover ourselves loading trailers with device or other matters in nature in which it’s essential that we understand the load of the gadget we are managing.

While loading or transferring heavy device together with golfing carts, it’s essential to realize what sort of weight that you may be coping with or handling to your assignment.

That is important because each golf cart may be particular in phrases of ways much it weighs.

Different elements that affect weight are the kind of the cart, its length, dimensions, materials utilized by the producer. Typically, electric powered golf carts are heavier than gas-powered carts, and the purpose is batteries utilized in electric powered carts.

The average weight of a fuel-powered golf cart might be 500-800lbs (227-363 Kgs). Whilst the common scale down weight of an electric powered powered golf cart can be 900-1100 lbs (408-499 Kgs).

The average golfing push cart weight 7 kg – 11 kg .

Let’s take a look at the maximum famous golfing cart weight examples, elements that affect cart weight, different weight limitations when the usage of your golf cart.

how much does a golf cart weigh

how much does a golf cart weigh


In maximum instances, electric golf carts will weigh less that gasoline golf carts. But, electric motors can appreciably boom in weight if they are the use of oversize or larger batteries.

Yamaha The Drive Electric: 535 Pounds
Yamaha The Drive Gas: 536 Pounds
Yamaha G22 Electric: 549 Pounds
Yamaha G22 Gas: 670 Pounds
Yamaha G19 Electric: 560 Pounds
Yamaha G19 Gas: N/A
Yamaha G16 Electric: 560 Pounds
Yamaha G16 Gas: 653 Pounds
Yamaha G14 Electric: 560 Pounds
Yamaha G14 Gas: 661 Pounds
Yamaha G9 Electric: 519 Pounds
Yamaha G9 Gas: 606 Pounds
Yamaha G8 Electric: 556 Pounds
Yamaha G8 Gas: 672 Pounds
Yamaha G5 Sun Classic: 798 Pounds
Yamaha G2 Electric: N/A
Yamaha G2 Gas: 606 Pounds
Yamaha G1 Gas: 684 Pounds

Club Car Precedent Electric: 495 Pounds
Club Car Precedent Gas: 606 Pounds
Club Car DS IQ-System Electric: 498 Pounds
Club Car DS Gas: 619 Pounds

EZGO RXV Electric: 571 Pounds
EZGO RXV Gas: 697 Pounds
EZGO Medalist/TXT Electric: 550 Pounds
EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas: 750 Pounds
EZGO Marathon Electric: N/A
EZGO Marathon Gas: N/A

Procedure for driving a golf carts:

  1. Find the important thing slot, insert the important thing then turn it to the proper. Electric golf carts may not deliver a loud startup. As for the fuel and energy golf cart, there can be a familiar sound. In case you pay attention a beep, then the golfing is in opposite mode.
  2.  Accelerate: Buckle up. As soon as every person is with ease seated slightly press down the acceleration pedal on proper along with your foot.
  3. Try to have an information of the golf cart through applying moderate stress.
  4. Do no longer over press the acceleration pedal at startup. Step by step increase the pressure and speed.
  5. Use brake: leave the acceleration pedal and press down the widest brake pedal at the left. Do not over press the brake pedal except you want so.
  6. Drive opposite: find the forward and opposite switch or handle. Use the acceleration pedal to move backward. Turn your body returned and try and see in the back of while moving backward.
  7. Night time using: earlier than driving a golfing cart at night time make sure that the automobile is equipped with accessories which includes headlights, brake lights, flip sign signs, and reflective gadgets.
  8. Horn: it is discouraged to use the horn on a golf direction, however it’s far beneficial for off the course use, particularly at intersections.
  9. As with motors sluggish down your cart while turning.
  10. reflect on consideration on insuring your golf cart; it is useful as with any other vehicle.

golf cart dimensions *You Must Know*

The *standard* golf cart is about 4 feet wide by about 8 feet long and usually is about 6 feet high. This is commonly for the two seater and the backseat that folds over to permit for the golf clubs in case you apply it to a golf direction. The common weight of a golf cart is among 900-1,000 pounds.

Now, you might be searching out the larger, more sturdy golfing carts and they will in all likelihood huge a bit bitter. In truth, one of the longer golf carts is the club automobile XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo this is one hundred forty four″ long or 12 toes lengthy. That’s 4 toes longer than most trendy carts.

golf cart dimensions

 *standard* golf cart dimensions

We use our golf cart for neighborhood transportation and simply getting around at song gala’s or nation parks and our preferred length is flawlessly sized for including 2 human beings at the again, stocking up on our beach supplies, or simply zooming down the street with a few exquisite track gambling on our portable radio.

As you may see from the desk underneath, there are a few variations inside the sizes, but now not through a great deal for the same old golf carts. Knowing the width will help you discern out how exceptional to trailer and tow the golf cart.

*Golf Cart Length Width Height
**Club Car Precedent Dimensions 91″ 48″ 69″
Club Car Precedent with Back Seat 104” 48” 69″
Club Car Precedent 6 Passenger Limo 142″ 48″ 77″
6 Inch Lifted Precedent 91″ 51″ 77″
6 Inch Lifted Precedent with Back Seat 108″ 51″ 77″
Club Car XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo 144″ 51″ 77″
Club Car XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2 103″ 54″ 76″
Yamaha Drive Golf Car 91″ 44″ 70″
Yamaha Drive Golf Car with Back Seat 108″ 44″ 70″
6” Lifted Yamaha Drive Golf Car 91″ 51″ 76″
6” Lifted Yamaha Drive Golf Car with Back Seat 108″ 51″ 76″
EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car 93″ 51″ 67.5″
EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car with Back Seat 108″ 51″ 67.5″
6″ Lifted EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car 93″ 51″ 76″
6″ Lifted EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car with Back Seat 108″ 51″ 76″